We cannot dispute the fact that the internet has changed our lives for the better; it has led to significant transformation in the communications sector to a point that it is the most convenience medium of communication in our day-to-day lives. It is almost difficult to conduct our daily activities without the help of the internet. These include ordering for basic things such as pizza, purchasing items online, catching up with friends, sending pictures and so on.

Before the introduction of the internet, it was quite difficult to keep up with the latest and trending news. As such, people were compelled to purchase the local newspapers or await news broadcasted on the television. However, today, one can keep up with events across the globe through a click or two.

However, the internet has had to undergo some significant changes for it to meet the demands and needs of its users. Initially, only a small amount of bytes could be transmitted across terminals; but today, huge data quantities are transmitted making it easy for people to access information on numerous fields. Additionally, the internet is not all about the exchange of information and therefore comprises of other activities such as content creation, enhanced communication between individuals, playing games and so on.

Nevertheless, the upsurge in the use of the internet has triggered a debate on how communication via online social platforms has continuously affected social relationships. Unlike before where people had to travel to meet each other, the internet has successfully broken down the geographical barriers with its video and audio communication channels.

Despite its success, the use of the internet attracts various security and privacy challenges. Huge tech companies have been implicated in data security scandals causing many users to wonder whether their private information is safe. Thus, as we celebrate the numerous successes of the internet, there is need to conduct a careful assessment of the challenges and security risks it poses to its users.

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