We cannot dispute the fact that the internet is one of the greatest inventions today. It has revolutionized all the sectors such as communication, business and so on. Irrespective of its many benefits, the internet has a fair share of cons that raise numerous questions over its usage especially among the youth and children.

People who spend most of their time on the internet have experienced incidences of bullying and stalking. The internet has eased communication with the various social media platforms thus bridging communication gaps. However, the eased communication increases the chances of cyber bullying especially when stalkers gain access to personal information of their targets on the internet.

The internet has also opened avenues for exploitation and sharing of images that are pornographic or violent in nature. The internet has countless sites containing pornographic material. Unfortunately, these sites lack regulatory measures making it easy for minors to view this material.

Moreover, the internet is very addictive and youths often waste a lot of their valuable time when playing games and exploring other avenues of entertainment. It is possible to spend the entire day on the internet without being productive. Alternately, it is possible to be doing something productive such as research or assignment but get distracted by video games, music videos or gossip news. That explains why most students find people to help with their assignments online.

The easy access to the internet has also made it easy for malicious people to access the personal information of other users which results to identity theft. Moreover, hackers are now able to identify the most vulnerable computers and steal important data.

Finally, the internet is known for causing depression especially when friends and relatives post images of their achievements. Additionally, social networking interferes with real-life social relationships.

Therefore, as we enjoy the advantages offered by the internet, we need to be cautious because of its countless disadvantages.

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