Here’s why you Need to Monitor what your Child Does on the Internet

The internet has brought along numerous advantages and has transformed almost all sectors of life. However, it is characterized by shortcomings that threaten our social relationships and the moral values of our children. Therefore, the moment children and teenagers discover the various uses of the internet; parents start panicking and are uncertain of how to address the issue of responsible internet use. Interestingly, most parents feel that monitoring their children’ activities is an invasion of privacy which is not the case; it is a matter of safety.

Therefore, if you are still thinking that you are overstepping on your child’s privacy, here are a few reasons that will see your monitor their day-to-day activities on the internet. For starters, there are increased incidences of cyberbullying where kids suffer emotional and psychological torture in the hands of cyberbullies. Unfortunately, children opt not to inform their parents of the bullying.

Additionally, most teenagers use the internet for sexting thinking that it is cool. Thus, they send their nude photos to fellow users without thinking that they may end up in the wrong hands. Close monitoring ensures that you can stop these tendencies before they aggravate into something bigger.

All these problems emanate from the fact that there are very many predators online. These people spend time trying to make friendships with children and end up soliciting favors from them. Moreover, your child can easily access adult material which may disrupt them from their academic endeavors.

As a parent, it is necessary to hold regular talks with your child on the need to limit the amount of information they provide online. Children tend to be too honest and may end up revealing personal information about themselves which may lead to unfortunate happenings such as kidnapping. Moreover, inform your kid on the need of posting reasonable items because irresponsible internet use may ruin their professional prospects in the future.

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