The internet is widely used by everyone living on this planet. There are a load of benefits in using the internet. Internet is used for collecting information, attaining knowledge, a variety of services are provided through the internet.

How is the internet beneficial!

  • Information and knowledge: adults and children alike use the internet to collect knowledge and information. Search engines help anyone to browse through different topics. Any kind of information is available at the touch of a button.
  • Services: many services are available online. Booking tickets for movies, travelling purposes, hotel rooms, banking services.
  • Entertainment: a wide variety of entertainment can be downloaded through the internet. We can browse through and download books, movies serials, and music.
  • Social media: it is very easy to now connect with old and make new friends from different parts of the world. Social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, Instagram all help in connecting with and chatting with different people.
  • Communication: the internet helps in making communication easy. Sending messages, e mails, faxes. All help make different businesses to connect with each other easily.
  • E-commerce: it is very easy to advertise and publicize ones business and product or services using the internet.
  • Shopping: shopping online is slowly becoming the most preferred form of shopping nowadays. It is easy can be done from the comfort your own home. Anything and everything is available on line for sale.
  • News: you can get constant updates about what is happening throughout the world by the touch of a button. The latest news reaches you via the internet.
  • Marketing: business owners can easily use the internet to promote and advertise for their business using the internet. Businesses can be promoted by advertising deals, discounts. Also new products can be advertised.


The internet can be used in a variety of ways to make our life easy. But with comfort come responsibility. We need to use the internet responsibly to benefit the most from it.

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